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Mothers Against Drunk Driving - - Underage prevention information and resources for victims of drunk driving.

Las Vegas Defense Group - - Detailed information about Nevada impaired driving laws and legal defense.

Personal Injury Law - - Resources about legal options after a car crash.

CDC - - Facts and data about the impact of impaired driving.

BAC Calculator - - Online blood alcohol calculator.

Get the Keys - - Helpful tips and advice from focus group research on how people can get the keys away from a drunk driver.

Stop DUI - - Information and resources for victims of DUI crimes as well as victim impact panel programs.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles - - Information about License Suspensions & Revocations and - - Demerit Point System

Addiction Recovery Guide - - Assists individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism find help that best suits their needs

Binge Drinking Video - - Explores the health risks of binge drinking - - Provides assistant with drug and alcohol adiction. - - Online education resource that is dedicated to informing the community about addiction, prevention and the recovery process.

Addiction Center - - Resource that helps with finding inpatient drug rehab.

ConsumerAffairs - - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Reviews

Drug Rehab Connections - - Resource helps the individuals by providing them with information and support on different addiction and recover resources available to them.